10 Pit Bull Smiles That Will Melt Your Heart

It's no secret that pit bulls have a bad rap. They're known for being used in illegal dog fighting rings, and with breed discrimination laws, many housing communities—and even whole cities—ban the breed altogether. But the truth is, the only scary thing about these square-faced canines is how incredibly adorable they are.

In an effort to end the stereotyping of this misunderstood dog breed, social media users have taken to Instagram to show off their #PitBullSmile.

So go ahead, uncover your eyes. Let these 10 pit bulls prove just how adorable the breed really is.

10 Smiling Pitbulls That Will Melt Your Heart

1. Pumpkin season

2. Bully breed or sweet pittie?!


3. Tongue out Tuesday

4. It's the weekend!

5. Birthday smiles

6. Pitbulls for adoption

7. Goofy Pitties

8. Puppers

9. Natural athlete

10. Beach day, anyone?

Pit bulls and pit bull mixes are judged, shunned, and stereotyped based on an image that was given to them by bad people doing a bad thing. As a result, animal shelters are overflowing with harmless pit bulls looking for families and places to call home.

These beautiful smiling Pit bulls deserve a cuddle!

Our goal to feature smiling dogs here is to make sure the world understands that staffy dogs are just lovers. Pit bull owners helped us make the case by posting all these beautiful images of their happy dogs on Instagram.

Who doesn't love doggy smiles? Pit bulls are energetic dogs and some of the funniest pics you'll see on social media are of Staffordshire Bull Terriers. What else is trending on social media? Cute dogs, rescue dogs, corgis, retrievers, and just about any doggo you can think of.

This popular breed can be your best friend after a nice snuggle. Take a selfie with your Pit bull dog or Pit bull puppy and send it to us and we can add it to this post.

What do you think of these sweet pitties? Please leave a comment at our Pets by Wide Open Media Facebook!

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