Pink Camo Almost Became Hunter Safety Attire in Michigan

Pink camo nearly became a substitute for orange hunter safety in Michigan.

I have never understood the purpose of pink camo. You most certainly cannot hunt flamingos, so I just thought pink camo was a fashion thing.

So, when I heard that pink camo could be a substitute for orange hunter safety in Michigan, I thought, "Finally, a use for pink camo!"

Well, it didn't go through.

"The commission has retained the blaze orange requirement for hunter safety. To be clear, this doesn't mean that people can't wear the pink. If you want to wear hunter pink, if you want to wear green, that's fine. But you have to comply with our blaze-orange requirement." said Ed Golder, a spokesman for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources.

The rule states that hunters must wear some highly visible clothing which is required to be blaze orange. Bummer...

Hunters are allowed to substitute pick camo for blaze orange in six other states — Colorado, Louisiana, Minnesota, New York, Virginia and Wisconsin — and it recently was rejected as a substitute in Illinois, Maine and Montana.

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