$15 Pill Pockets Make Pill Time Treat Time (And Have Over 25,000 Positive Ratings)

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Dogs are so darn smart. If your dog has caught on to the peanut butter trick for getting medicine down, we feel your pain. You might feel like you're at your wit's end, but don't give up just yet. Pill pocket treats for dogs are here to save the day!

Stuff your dog's medicine or supplements in these treats so they can stay healthy and happy! Since these treats mask the smell of meds, your dog won't suspect a thing. Here are some top-rated options Amazon customers swear by.

Dog Treats for Hiding Meds & Supplements

1. GREENIES Pill Pockets Natural Dog Treats, Capsule Size, Chicken Flavor

Here's Amazon's Choice for pill pockets for dogs. To no surprise, the best-selling flavor is chicken! The tasty treats are made with natural ingredients, plus trace nutrients. This is a big selling factor if you're done feeding your dog human food in an effort to get meds in quickly.

Turn pill time into treat time, y'all! The pill pockets are a lifesaver, especially if you leave your dog with a sitter often. Make pill time easier on dog sitters with these soft chews. They're a great product to keep in your dog's overnight bag, just in case!

This pack comes with 60 pockets. Keep in mind that they are capsule size. If you're looking for tablet-size treats, see the option below.

Ingredients: Chicken, Glycerin, Wheat Flour, Vegetable Oil, Wheat Gluten, Dried Corn Syrup, Natural Flavors, Dried Chicken, Dried Cultured Skim Milk, and more.

2. GREENIES Pill Pockets with Real Peanut Butter Treats for Dogs - 2 pack

We found a peanut butter flavor of the Greenies Pill Pocket treats! These pill pouches are perfect for dogs with tablet-sized medicine.

Greenies say veterinarians recommend these treats! In addition, pets love the low-calories treats. An Amazon customer gave them five stars and said their dog gobbles them with no problem!

3. (3 Pack) Greenies Pill Pockets Dog Treats Tablet Size, Cheese Flavor 3.2oz w/ 10ct Pet Wipes

This cheese flavor is a top pick for dogs obsessed with cheese! Hey, peanut butter and chicken aren't yummy to everyone, and the best way to make this a stress-free experience is to make sure your pup loves their pill pocket treats.

Shop Amazon for more pill pocket treats, dental dog treats, and dog food. You will fall in love with their 2-day delivery and subscription service!

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