Pigcasso Has It All: Winning Personality, an Adventurous Spirit, and Mad Art Skillz

Eat, sleep, explore...this is a day in the life of Pigcasso.

Oh, and did we mention paint? That's right. Pigcasso is an artist, too.

This lovely lady is a resident of Farm Sanctuary SA in Franschhoek, South Africa. Established in 2016 by Joanne Lefson, it is the continent's only officially registered farm animal sanctuary and is basically hog heaven.

Miss Pigcasso the painting pig was saved from certain death and squalid conditions at a South African industrial hog farm. Now, she spends her days painting masterpieces designed to raise awareness about the plight of factory farm animals.

Lefson uses positive-reinforcement techniques to motivate the porcine Picasso, mainly by supplying an overloaded picnic basket of fruit as a food reward. Pigcasso only paints when she wants to.

Check out this renaissance lady and her broad brush strokes in action:


Make some room on your wall for a Pigcasso original. The abstract art will be worth big bucks one day.

Her art is part of an exhibition called "Oink" currently on display in Cape Town. From there, the collection goes to London? Paris? Berlin, and Amsterdam to try to raise awareness of the effect of animal agriculture in the world. 

Inspired? You can read more about Farm Sanctuary SA and its lifesaving work on behalf of farm animals here. And you can contact the sanctuary to get a painting done by Pigcasso here.

What do you think of this artistic pig? Let us know in the comments section below!

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