6 Pieces of Awesome Gun Jewelry That Would Make a Perfect Gift

Feast your eyes on the perfect gifts for any gun lover.

Most shooters and gun lovers probably don't wear a ton of jewelry. It gets in the way, and maybe doesn't always fit their personalities.

However, this new line of gun jewelry by Joe Wall is a completely different story. Any gun fanatic would drool over most of these products. If you're currently shopping for the holidays, you're going to want to take a look.

All of Joe Wall's jewelry is made of sterling silver or gold. No more spent brass or cheesy fashion jewelry. His designs set the bar for fashionistas in the gun industry. As you look through the list, take note that pieces with a black background are from the men's line, while products with a white background are designed for women.

Shopping for the gun lover in your life this holiday just got easy with Joe Wall's AR SHOP and RANGE READY product line. Here are the best of the collections:

AR Bolt Head

This is the perfect gift for anyone who has ever built their own AR-15.

1911 Trigger

Anyone familiar with a 1911 will know exactly what you're wearing around your neck. It's also available in traditional or tactical styling.

Hog's Tooth 308 Bullet

favorite for long-range hunting and sniper rifles.

22LR Bullet

Almost everyone who's ever picked up a gun has shot a .22 at least once. If you can't decide which piece of jewelry from the collection your gun lover would enjoy, this is a great bet!

.223 Bullet - Silver

Another great choice if you're shopping for an AR-15 owner. The .223 is the most common caliber in AR-15s. This product is also available in 14K or 18K yellow gold on request.

OU Shotgun 14K Yellow Gold

Inspired by an over-and-under shotgun, this is the perfect gift for upland hunters or competitive clay shooters. Set your sights on the marvelous red sapphire front sight detail!

There's more to these pieces than just some cool jewelry. They're created by a company founded by someone who knows and cares about gun owners across the board.

Joe Wall is a gun designer and currently an engineering manager for Taurus Firearms. Prior to that, he worked on design teams for both Marlin and Remington, where he helped bring several different firearms to market.

It was when he planned to propose to his girlfriend that his came up with his first piece, Silence is Golden, a ring inspired by the intricate baffles inside a suppressor. With his previous firearm designing experience, he was able to produce a full set of 1911-inspired bridal jewelry for their wedding.

After designing some other pieces, he decided to offer them to the public this year.

We think, after checking out what Joe Wall Design has to offer, you'll agree with us when we say we're glad he did. This Christmas, Wall wants everyone to enjoy a high-caliber holiday by offering an incredible deal on his most iconic designs. Joe's Black Friday Sale Starts Wednesday, Nov. 22 and runs through Monday, Nov. 27.

Starting at only $134, each of these special offerings are cast in sterling silver, beautifully finished, come complete with a stylish chain, and are a great way to start wearing and sharing your love of guns - both at the range and for everyday wear! Use Promo Code HOLIDAY17 at checkout.

Find out more at JoeWallDesign.com/Holiday-Sale.

"You can never have too much ammo, too much practice, or too much jewelry," - Joe Wall