Flaming Bass Boat

Pics: Fire Engulfs Bass Pro's Ranger Boat

This puts a new spin on having a bad day of fishing!

We've all run into mechanical problems when out on the lake, but few of us can say we've had our prized bass boat go up in flames.

For professional bass angler Mike Surman, this fear became reality when his Ranger boat literally burnt to a crisp.

Here's what happened in Mike's own words, as posted to his Facebook page:

"I had a rough day on the lake, and I am thankful Jesus Villegas was right there to pick me up. I'm not sure how the fire started but I can honestly say I am so thankful that I own a Ranger. The on water fire department boat put 500 gallons of water in the boat to stop the fire. The fiberglass melted away to almost nothing. But the boat totally stayed afloat as Ranger promises. It was a rough day but I will be ordering another new Ranger tomorrow."

Fortunately Mike escaped unscathed, but his prized Ranger is a complete write-off.

There's no word just yet on what caused the fire.

As for it staying afloat, the salvage is a small victory? But jumping clear off that flaming fiberglass shell would be the first and only thing going through my mind!

Glad to hear you're OK, Mike. Scary stuff!

Images Courtesy of Mike Surman/Facebook

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