These $18 Pet Bathing Gloves Are Making Bath Time Simple for Pet Owners

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As many animal owners know, pet bathing is not exactly a small feat. However, it is necessary to rid your furry friend of loose hairs now and again. Not only will brushing the undercoat help prevent matting on long-hair pets, massaging and grooming the fur redistributes the natural oils from the skin and conditions your pet's coat. (And, it feels fabulous.)

It doesn't matter if you have a horse, a cat, or a dog, a hair removal mitt is an excellent tool to remove loose hair at home. (Your groomer will thank you when your cat's long hair isn't a mangled mess at her next appointment.) Take a look at our favorite Amazon grooming mitts. You can use these during bathtime instead of a dog brush. Overall, they're a great product and grooming tool for all types of animals, even those with short hair.

If you've never heard of a grooming glove brush, you'll be impressed by these high-quality bath glove pet products.

Pet Grooming Made Easy 

1. DELOMO Pet Hair Remover Gloves for Furniture, Pet Grooming Gloves Hair Removal for Dogs & Cats, 2 in 1 Function of Pet Deshedding & Hair Remover Glove with Five Finger Design, 1 Pair 

Complete with 255 silicone nodule tips, it's no wonder these bath gloves triple as a massager, de-shedding tool, and pet hair remover. When you're not busy petting your pet, you can sweep your hands across the couch instead to attract loose hairs. Simply pull the loose fur and lint off this grooming tool, and your furniture will suffer less wear. (And nobody wants to sit on a pet owner's hairy loveseat, do they?)

2. Pet Grooming and Bathing Gloves - Effective Pet Hair Remover for Cats, Dogs & Horses - Long & Short Fur - Enhanced Nubs Design Captures 2X More Hair 

Your horse will love these  curry comb-inspired pet grooming gloves. (So will short-hair dogs and cats.) These gloves got a makeover in 2020 (who didn't?) and now have longer nubs/silicone tips.

3. HandsOn Pet Grooming Gloves - Patented #1 Ranked, Award Winning Shedding, Bathing, & Hair Remover Gloves - Gentle Brush for Cats, Dogs, and Horses 

These patented pair of high-quality scrubber gloves are an Amazon favorite. Featuring bristle tips and a hook and loop fastener, you can go from grooming the cat to massaging your horse without skipping a beat.

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