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'The Perfect Shot' is the Perfect Hunting Guide Book

Perfect Shot

'The Perfect Shot' has become THE source-guide for all hunters wanting to efficiently and correctly shoot African big game. This is the story of how it came about.

In 1999 Dr. Kevin Robertson published his book, The Perfect Shot: Shot Placement for African Big Game, and it became a runaway hit.

The Perfect Shot has been continuously in demand since that time, including, as Robertson admits with a smile, copies of the book being stolen by tourists and hunters at safari camps.

"It's (the book) just been everywhere. Every safari camp has got them. They always get stolen, the clients steal them," he chuckles. "Which is wonderful because it's good for business."

Here's the story of just how The Perfect Shot and The Perfect Shot 2 came into being:

It's quite a story from the former Zimbabwe farmer turned author and veterinarian. The success of the book is also proof that hunters are desperate to kill animals cleanly and humanely.

As Robertson says, "I've been accused of being a veterinarian that teaches people to kill animals, and that has been sort of a stinging comment. But I'm a firm believer that the sustainable utilization of Africa's wildlife is its only savior.

You've got to hunt these animals because their death gives them value. We don't hunt them all. We're very selective now. We only hunt animals that are post-breeding age.

But the funds generated from that hunting goes to preserve the environment, and preserves the animals that are in that environment.

I believe hunting is a necessary part of conservation. And my job as a veterinarian is that, if you are going to hunt an animal, then do it in the most humane way possible.

The Perfect Shot was basically designed to teach people how to hunt animals in the most ethical and most humane way."

That is quite a testimony and puts to shame many of the nonsensical, ignorant rantings of the anti-hunting crowd.

The original Perfect Shot by Dr. Robertson has spawned others in the series, including The Perfect Shot, North America: Shot Placement for North American Big Game by Craig Boddington. All of The Perfect Shot series can be found on Amazon.

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'The Perfect Shot' is the Perfect Hunting Guide Book