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Why the Penn Slammer III Should Be Your Next Saltwater Spinning Reel

Why do we think the Penn Slammer III is worth it? We’ll give you a few reasons.

There comes a time when every saltwater fisherman realizes there’s just no sense in skimping; a higher quality reel is going to outperform almost every opportunity it’s given.

But where does that leave you? You’re still in need of something that works for your needs, and that doesn’t take a huge learning curve to adjust to. You’re in need of a spinning reel with strength, protection, and reliability. Basically, you’re in need of something like the third iteration of the Penn Fishing Slammer spinning reel.

These are the clearest reasons we can convey to someone who flat out needs to try the Penn Slammer III.

Heavy duty versatility

Not only will the Slammer III withstand big catches, it’s a perfectly fine choice for both boat or shore fishing, providing the backbone needed for the heaviest of the heavy.

Don’t be so salty

The Slammer III reels feature the new IPX6 Sealed System, which keeps water out of the gear box and drag system. That means far less worry about the inner workings of a reel being exposed to saltwater, and therefore deterioration.

The reviews are in

People are already on record calling the Penn Slammer III a “great reel for the money,” has an “incredible feel in the hand,” and it “absolutely gets the fish to the boat.” Seriously, just take a look at the reviews on the Penn site, and then apply that to everything else you’ve learned. Final result? You’re considering the Slammer III, aren’t you?

There are all sorts of choices to make when you’re thinking about what reels to use, and you should always reserve an opinion until you can try it yourself, but you can trust us when we say the Penn Slammer III is an awesome piece of equipment no matter how you look at it.

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Why the Penn Slammer III Should Be Your Next Saltwater Spinning Reel