Pelicans Seem to Perform Water Ballet as They Feed in Unison

This might be the coolest thing you'll see today. Watch as dozens of pelicans feed in synchronized swimming form.

Here's a scene straight from a Disney cartoon. Dozens of white pelicans feed in a small pond, swimming and burying their heads underwater in unison. The only thing missing is some accompanying water ballet music.

The person who filmed it said this dance-like behavior went on for over an hour as she sat mesmerized.

White pelicans reportedly group together to feed when they're near shore. They feed on fish anywhere from 1-4 pounds in weight. They drive schools of small fish into the shallows and then dive or "tip over" with their butts in the air, scooping up the fish in their fleshy throat pouches.

The movement is reminiscent of the old Weebles toys, which would roll over but always return to a standing position.

This scene was filmed at a conservation area near Kansas City, Missouri.

Here's a link to another fantastic film of pelicans feeding, although this time they dive from the air into the water. They dive with their mouths open, taking in both water and prey fish.

Pelicans: the most interesting synchronized swimmers in the animal kingdom!

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