Peeing In The Ocean At This Spanish Beach Could Cost You
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Peeing In The Ocean At This Spanish Beach Could Cost You

Ever since I was a kid, my parents have told me to avoid the warm spots in a community pool. It's sort of like don't eat the yellow snow. You get the point. You can tell a lot about a person depending on whether they do or do not urinate in a public body of water. Not that anyone would ever admit to such. Well, you better hold your bladder if you're visiting this Spanish beach. Because it otherwise may cost you a stiff fine.

The Spanish beach Costa del Sol is appropriately stunning. And officials want to keep it that way. For that reason, they want to avoid turning the waters into a giant toilet. Otherwise, it may get you sick even if the water eventually does move it all out to sea. So hold that bladder. Spanish beach officials announced new rules designed to keep their beaches clean and safe.

They're fining ?750 [$809.75 USD] for anyone caught urinating or having a bowel movement on the beach or in the water. They're really bringing down the hammer for repeat offenders. They face a much stiffer fine of ?1500 [$1619.50 USD]. That would definitely make one constipated. You'll face this higher fine if you relieve yourself more than once per year at the beach, and someone catches you.

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Spanish Beach Announces New Rules

However, the Spanish beach rule has drawn a lot of attention as well as some backlash. Are these the beachgoers that pee in the water?? So much so that a councilperson had to clarify exactly what the rules are. Apparently, you can pee in the water after all, according to him. He said, "The bylaw does not impose a sanction for peeing in the sea. It will not be applicable. The bylaw regulates possible anti-social infractions on the beach, just as any such acts are regulated in any public space such as on the city's streets."

So you can't urinate on the beach or into the water from shore. But if you're already in the water, then that's between you and the seagulls over head. Other rules include not playing loud music, not using reserved areas, and not engaging in ball games on the beach. You should also avoid littering and don't let your dog in the water. Otherwise, you could be paying ?750 ($809.75 USD).