Peacock Bass
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Peacock Bass: Do They Taste as Good as They Look?

Peacock Bass are extravagant and beautiful, but do they taste as good as they are to look at?

If you've ever seen a Peacock Bass, you know they are really pretty and interesting because of their color scheme. Hence the name, Peacock. But because they look marvelous, does that mean they will taste marvelous as well?

This fisherman hits the water using shiners in hopes of catching a good size Peacock to fry up. After hooking on to a big one, he finally gets one within the size restrictions and heads to the kitchen.

See what he thinks about the texture and flavor of the largemouth's better-looking cousin.

As you could see, he is a huge fan of the Peacock Bass, and actually compared it to Tilapia. Diced up into nuggets, seasoned to your liking, I'm going to go out on a limb and say you won't be disappointed.

Plus, everything taste better when you put in hard work and caught it yourself. From the field to plate, just the way we all like it.

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