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How to Pack a Truck for the Ultimate Fishing Trip

Here’s the ideal way to pack (and not forget) everything you need in your truck for a fishing trip.

Now’s the time to either plan or execute that fishing trip you’ve been daydreaming about all winter. Ready for it? We thought so.

But wait: you truly aren’t ready until you’ve determined what to pack and how to pack it. Since you’re taking your truck, we’ve got a few ways to make things easy on you and prevent silly mistakes. Like, you know, leaving your rods at home.

You don’t think it would ever happen to you, until it does.

Invest in or build some good rod carriers

Admit it: you’ve been guilty of tossing your fishing rods in the bed of your truck and taking off down the road.

If your bed’s empty, no big deal. But if you’re trying to squeeze in as much gear as you’ll need for a good fishing trip, then it’s not worth risking the damage to your rods.

There are two main options here: buy a legitimate rod tube, or go the DIY route and build your own. It doesn’t take too much scientific analysis to figure out that some PVC and a little elbow grease can keep your rods in pristine condition.

While we’re on the subject of protecting your stuff, don’t forget about the available class-exclusive AllSecure® Central Locking System* on Ram trucks. It even locks your available RamBox® Cargo Management System to keep everything safe while you’re on the water.

Take more tackle than you think you’ll need

Whether you’re planning on a guided fishing trip during your fishing vacation or going rogue and doing it yourself, you’re going to want to pack relevant, but abundant, types of tackle. Use your best judgement, but consider some research on what’s effective on the fish for the time of year you’re heading there.

Then, separate out everything you know you’ll need. Add backups of things you assume will be used frequently, and then consider adding a few extras, even things you think you won’t need.

Overpacking is possible here, especially if you have limited space, or wanted to save space for fishing treks in which you leave your truck at home base. Just know that fishing can be unpredictable, and you’re not going to want to be caught off guard when they’re biting.

Pack a bed like you would a grocery bag

It’s pretty obvious, but sometimes people forget the basics of packing a truck bed. You always want sturdy, non-breakable, uniformly shaped objects on the bottom and towards the cab, with more fragile and odd-shaped items on top and strapped down.

Pack the fishing and day-to-day gear towards the back of the bed so you can grab it first and get it out of the way, and keep a tent, cooler, and other base supplies towards the cab (the last things you pull from the bed).

Tip: The Rambox cargo management system saves time and effort when you’re packing for a fishing trip. It fits a ton a gear and allows for far more organization.

Have one goal, and only one

What’s the point of a fishing trip? To have fun, duh.

If you’re overly worried about the so-called success of a trip, you’re thinking about the wrong things. Do the sorts of things you want to do, save the touristy things for the crowds, and go with one thing in mind: having a good time.

* Based on latest available competitive information. Class based on Light Duty pickups.

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How to Pack a Truck for the Ultimate Fishing Trip