Outdoors Allie Fills Her Tag With a Beauty Public Land Whitetail

There's nothing better than an accomplished mission, and that's just what Outdoors Allie finds on her 2020 public land hunt.

You might be familiar with Outdoors Allie, but if you're not, then it's time to change that.

Allie D'Andrea has established herself as a prominent hunting personality through her social media accounts and YouTube page, which has risen to 75,000 subscribers in the short time she's been at it.

Her videos are consistent, she's super personable, and her go-get-'em attitude is the sort of inspiration we could all use in our hunting exploits, male or female.

Allie's wildlife conservationist approach is not only educational but entertaining, and her bowhunting prowess is admirable; it's been great to watch her become more proficient in archery as she gains experience.

This recent video shares all the greatness of Allie's contributions to the outdoor content world, and it's highlighting a whitetail public land hunt that anyone is able to try for themselves.

That's another great part of Outdoors Allie: she does things that are relatable and achievable to average sportsmen or sportswomen. We've been following along since she got going, and it's been a treat to watch.

If you want to learn more about backpacking into the wilderness for a black bear hunt, searching for elk with an over the counter tag, or preparing all the venison and wild game meat you harvest over a season, Outdoors Allie is an exceptional resource.

On top of all that, she's also got her own apparel line called Worn and Weathered, which you can find out more about on WornandWeathered.com.

Follow along on her adventures through the natural world, virtually visit all the incredible wild places, and enrich your overall knowledge of hunting with Outdoors Allie as your guide. We promise you won't be disappointed.