osceola turkey
YouTube: RealtreeOutdoors

Osceola Turkey Comes Within 7 Steps of Hunter

Now that's a close-range shot on a Florida turkey!

With spring gobbler season rolling in, it's hard not to get excited by the sound of a thundering gobbler or the sight of a bird in full strut.

It's exhilarating to think of the difference between beard lengths of toms and jakes, and the moment that'll come when you try to pick the one you want to shoot.

The anticipation can be managed at least a little by practicing with calls, regardless of whether you fancy a slate call, a box call or a diaphragm call.

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Spring turkey hunting season is like no other, and this video from RealtreeOutdoors perfectly sums up why.

Watch the video below:

Could you have drawn up a better opening morning? First off, the weather looked amazing. Second, they're hunting Osceola turkeys in Florida, which are coveted the most by many turkey hunters. And finally, they were able to blast a beautiful gobbler from mere feet away.

The whole time that turkey was rushing in, I just kept wanting to yell at this hunter to shoot, as I was worried his excessive patience could ironically blow his cover. But instead, he presents himself with what was likely the easiest shot of his life.

From the looks of it, these guys also had the perfect calling setup, with a decoy visible to any potential wild turkeys coming from every possible direction.

Great work on a great Osceola turkey hunt, fellas!