5 Best Organic Pet Treats, Plus One My Pup Loves

Human-grade food for your doggy? Check out these tasty organic pet treats. 

We pet owners want our dogs and cats to always feel their very best. Part of that is ensuring they eat the best cat and dog food. However, sometimes pet parents overlook the treat aspect of their furry friend's diet and focus on their pet food. But your best friend should have high-quality ingredients in everything they consume, including having organic pet treats.

Benefits of Organic Pet Treats

Pets usually get introduced to treats as young puppies. Training treats are a popular way to coax your pup or kitten into portraying desired behaviors, like sitting still or using a litter box. It is essential to look for treats with natural ingredients. Many mainstream treats have fillers, artificial flavors, grain, and animal byproducts.

Organic treats are transparent about where the ingredients come from and are filled with antioxidants, fatty acids, and other high-quality ingredients that help your dog's teeth, skin, and fur. Granted, nothing can be more organic than getting your pup antlers or rawhide bones straight from the source. Just be sure they are no unnecessary additives or preservatives hiding in the ingredients.

When looking at pet treats, take care to investigate the main ingredient and what is listed as the limited ingredients-just to make sure nothing is hiding in there. Treat makers who are certified USDA organic jump through many hoops to get there and proudly list their ingredients. They will be labeled certified organic, so they should be easy to spot in the often crowded pet food aisle.

Tasty Organic Cat Treats

While cats aren't known for loving treats as much as their doggy counterparts, here are some organic treats that will have your feline climbing the walls.

Shameless Pets Crunchy Cat Treats

Shameless Pets makes these crunchy treats in a variety of flavors. All of them are grain-free and made with organic ingredients. The ingredients are healthy, but they come from up-cycled products and are made in the USA.

The meat in all of the Shameless treats is 100 percent real meat with ingredients that help improve your cat's fur, digestion, and skin. It also contains veggies like sweet potatoes.

All of their flavors come in cleverly named recycled plastic packages that will sure to put a smile on your face as you get your cat a treat. Give their More Lobster, Cheese, Yam Good Salmon, or Catnip n Chill a try, and be prepared for your cat to ask for more!

Wildly Natural Cat Treats 

Wildly Natural has a variety pack of tasty cat treats that will make the most aloof kitty cat your new best friend. The treats come in salmon, chicken, and tuna flavors with 13 or fewer ingredients in each packet. The US-made treat has a limited ingredient recipe that leaves out soy, wheat, corn, and other ingredients that pack the pounds on your cat.

Castor & Pollux Organix Cat Treats 

Castor & Pollux offers your cat organic chicken treats that are crunchy and under two calories, so you don't have to worry about ruining kitties' appetite. They are USDA-certified organic with no corn, soy, or wheat. The chicken treats are 95 percent organic ingredients, including organic brown rice, organic flaxseed, and veggies like organic peas.

Cleverly Organic Dog Treats

You will always have a range of tasty treats on hand that will keep those wet noses happy and sniffing around for more with these organic dog treats.

Portland Company Gluten-Free Biscuit

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Portland Company puppy treats are made from human-grade ingredients. They are free from grains, gluten, GMOs, and anything nasty that could hurt your healthy dog. The dog biscuits come in three different flavors: bacon, pumpkin, or gingerbread. All are made with five ingredients or less, and the company uses Bob's Red Mill garbanzo bean flour. Can't decide? Buy all three in their variety pack!

These biscuits are made in the USA, and you can feel good about your purchase. The company donated 5 percent of all profits to local shelters and animal programs, even if you buy them on Amazon!

CookiePal Turmeric Organic Non-GMO

If tasty dog cookies are your pup's go-to treat, then this natural dog treat is sure to be a winner. This turmeric and ginger flavored treat is excellent for large and small dogs alike and can be easily split in half. All ingredients are certified organic, gluten-free, and non-GMO.

These little cookies make for excellent training treats too. Your good dog will love them! You will love the fact that the treats are made in North America by a B-corp company. The bags are also biodegradable, keeping a clean environment.

Shameless Pets Soft-Baked Dog Treats

My dog LOVES these treats! She is an energy-filled border collie mix who hates to be on a leash, because well- why? These treats make leash-walking a little easier for her to stomach.

Though she does lean toward chicken jerky treats, our pup is not a super hard sell on dog chews and treats. She has a sensitive stomach, so we need to be careful about what ingredients are in her diet. So having grain-free dog treats was a must-have.  Shameless has various treats available, including jerky, calming treats, and these soft-baked dog biscuits.

Each flavor has a different mix of meat, fruit, or veggies, and a couple even have peanut butter in them. While it may not be organic peanut butter, like what comes out of the jar, we don't think she knows the difference!

The flavors come in fun names like Applenoon Delight, Blueberried Treasure, Pumpkin Par-tay, and Break An Egg. The variety pack allows you to try them all and settle on a favorite. If your pups like mine, you will just keep getting the variety pack cause she likes them all.

What's your dog's favorite treat? Let us know over on our Wide Open Pets Facebook page!

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