Orcas vs Dolphins
YouTube: Dana Point Whale Watching

Orcas Ruthlessly Pursue Dolphins in Front of Boat Full of Whale Watchers

Orcas are the top predator of the ocean for a reason.

While most people think of sharks when talking about the ocean's most ferocious predators, they are nothing compared to the orca whale. They do not call them "killer whales" for nothing. Although technically, they are part of the greater dolphin family. In any case, this is probably one of the most intelligent marine mammals on the planet.

The orca enjoys something of a sanitized reputation. No doubt bolstered by countless kid's movies where they are portrayed as the gentle giants of the ocean. It is somewhat humorous since the truth is the total opposite.

Orcas are cunning, ruthless predators. And they use extremely sophisticated tactics for some of their hunts. Some of those are on display in this incredible drone footage off the coast of California. Watch as these orcas try to separate a dolphin from her calf.

It appears they finally killed the baby dolphin near the end of this video. Orcas are like the wolves of the ocean. They hunt in packs, and they will attempt to divide and conquer to pick off more vulnerable animals in a group. We have seen in the past how they utilize incredible hunting techniques like using their tails to hurl seals high into the air to kill them. Or how the orcas will sometimes beach themselves to snatch seals off the sand where they think they are safe. Talk about a smart predator!

We only recently saw footage where more than 70 orcas teamed up to kill the largest animal in the world, a blue whale. They remind us of the velociraptors in the Jurassic Park movies in a way.

At the end of the day, we are glad that orcas do not consider humans to be prey items. Because the hunting habits of these mammals are far more terrifying than any of the Jaws movies.

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