whitetail buck
Justin Hoffman

Wise Whitetail Buck Sees He's Outgunned and Moves Along

Rutting whitetail bucks sure aren't dumb. This cool video shows an eight-point making a wise move. 

The first week of November is a magical time in the whitetail world. Here in Ontario, Canada, bucks have been making their rounds: working rubs, freshening scrapes, and chasing down does. But even a rutting buck isn't a dumb one, and knowing when to concede and simply walk away is still ingrained in their genetics.

I filmed the following footage while out checking trail cameras on November 7. Knowing a particular buck (who I have named "One-Side") likes to work his way down into the cut sorghum field at last light, I set up on the edge to wait with camera in hand.

A number of does and fawns were feeding in the middle of the field, and it wasn't long before a new buck, a decent eight-point, showed up on the scene. I set the camera to record and sat back to take in the action. That's when things got interesting.

As you just saw, the eight-point knew something was up. Those nervous glances over his shoulder tell the story. And as he worked his way toward me, stopping briefly at a popular scrape and licking branch, he realized tonight was not a good one to knock antlers with a big boy.

Who can blame this "lesser" buck? The sweet 11-pointer, with a split G2 on the right and a split brow on the left, looks like he could hold his own in a fight, and then some. A schoolyard scrap was not about to happen on this night.

whitetail buck

As light faded and I bid farewell, both bucks were staring intently at the does from a distance. Would some action ensue on this night? Your guess is as good as mine.

whitetail buck

For those wondering, this is public land that is off limits to hunting. It's a spot for me to study, photograph, and film whitetail deer. And with the rut just heating up, the buck interactions are just going to get better.

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Photos Courtesy of Justin Hoffman