One of Your Favorite Hunting Shows Just Made It onto Waypoint TV

You're going to be psyched to hear that one of the community's favorite hunting shows is now streaming on Waypoint TV.

Waypoint TV just launched a new channel for the well-established digital hunting series Midwest Whitetail.

Finally, one of the best hunting shows of the last few years has made it to the free streaming platform. Midwest Whitetail can be queued up and enjoyed just about anywhere, from almost any device imaginable.

What's particularly cool about Midwest Whitetail is the format: The show's as close to live as you can be without actually broadcasting in the moment. That means you'll get to view the show episodes almost immediately after the hunt has concluded. That style set Bill Winke and the rest of the Midwest Whitetail crew apart from day one, and has helped grow the show and its impressive following for more than a decade.

It allows the team to address hyper-timely issues such as changing weather patterns, current deer behavior, strategies to employ in the near future, and more. The show's pro staff aims to take advantage of this semi-live format to help viewers stay one step ahead of the deer they are hunting.

If Midwest Whitetail is talking about it, it's probably relevant to you and your hunting situation.

Think about it: You can access Midwest Whitetail through Waypoint TV on a computer, tablet, or cellphone, and watch it through a Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire, or XBOX equipped device. There aren't many obstacles when it comes to getting set up. If you search "Waypoint TV" on your favorite streaming device or in your specific app store, you ca nstart watching right away.

The crew at Waypoint TV is more than excited, and we are too. When a keystone series like Midwest Whitetail becomes available on such a simple and rewarding streaming service, we're all winners.