This Old School Knife/Pistol/Corkscrew Will Do the Trick

The Parisian Needlefire Knife-Pistol Combination is one interesting little piece of equipment.

If you enjoy old gadgets and neat firearms of the past, we have got a treat for you.

Originating from the 1860s-70s, this Parisian Needlefire Knife/Pistol is one sweet little collector's item. This video breaks down every facet of this unique firearm and gives you thorough run down of what all it entails.

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One of the neatest aspects of the pistol is that it is fired by a needle puncturing the casing rather than a firing pen hitting a primer cap.

Oh and the trigger is also a corkscrew so you know it was made by the French.

This is just one of those firearms that you would love to come across and add to your collection. It's such a neat concept, but not really practical anymore.

I can't help but include a hilarious comment I came across while researching more on the gun. YouTuber 'woods1155' broke down when the gun would be most effective:

So clearly the scenario that this was designed for is this...You stumble in upon your sweetheart and her new lover. In a typically French rage you pull this out, shooting the lover and after screaming your outrage at your now ex-sweetheart you stab her and open a bottle of wine becoming drunk whilst awaiting the gendarme and your inevitable trip to the guillotine. See it has its uses....

That seems like a perfect scenario for this weapon if I ever saw one.