Deer Poaching
Oklahoma Game Wardens

Oklahoma Wardens Looking for Leads on Two Deer Poaching Cases Already

Wardens are already dealing with deer poaching cases in Oklahoma.

Hunting seasons are closing in fast, but the poachers in Oklahoma are already getting a head start. The Oklahoma Game Wardens are already looking for leads on a couple of recent deer poaching cases that've just happened. In both cases, it appears the criminals left the animals to rot.

The first one is a case out of Delaware County, which involves a young buck that was gunned down July 17 on County Road 670. Wardens say the incident happened between County Road East 270 and 280. When wardens examined the buck, they found a bullet behind its shoulder.

The wardens are currently analyzing crime scene evidence, but want the public to share any information they might have. Anyone with a lead to share should contact Wardens Cody Morris or Marni Loftis.

Morris' number is 918-857-8597 and Loftis' number is 918-533-2678.

The second case the wardens are working on involves two does that were also shot from a roadway on July 24 or 25 in Jackson County. It appears someone shot the does with a rifle along Prairie Hill Road.

Tracks found at the scene have led the wardens to suspect the poacher or poachers were riding on an ATV at the time of the crime.

Anyone with information about this crime is being asked to contact Warden Daniel Perkins at 580-450-7702. Callers can report both crimes to Oklahoma's Operation Game Thief on their hotline at 1-800-522-8039, and also have the option to remain anonymous.