Oklahoma Warden Busts Poachers Using Speargun on Bass

Authorities cited these poachers for spearing bass in Oklahoma.

Whenever we think we've seen it all in poaching cases, the Oklahoma Game Wardens seem to have a new bust that leaves us shaking our heads.

The wardens are no strangers to catching fish poachers, but this case was a little different. Warden Paul Welch was patrolling Osage County's Skiatook Lake when he spotted two men near Tallchief Cove with a stringer of fish that seemed a little small.

The two men spotted Welch and tried to hide their catch, but the warden was able to relocate it and confront the men. The stringer had four undersized fish on it, including three smallmouth bass and one largemouth bass.

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"The biggest bass on the stringer was about 8 inches long," the warden's press release states.

But the warden was in for another surprise beyond the undersized fish. He asked to see the men's equipment and instead of a fishing pole, they showed him a speargun!

One of the men confessed to using it to illegally take the bass. Most states have laws on the books that prohibit the taking of game fish with archery gear or spear guns. The unnamed suspect was cited for using the speargun illegally and for being in possession of undersized fish.