Oklahoma Hunter Bags Two 200-Inch Bucks Just Eight Days Apart

This Oklahoma hunter has had the type of season people dream of!

Most hunters won't ever see a 200-inch whitetail, let alone harvest one. That makes what Oklahoma's Larry Wheeler did this year even more amazing.

The retired Army National Guard sergeant major harvested not one, but two bucks with his crossbow scoring over 200 inches from the same spot in the span of just eight days last month!

We know what you're thinking and no, this isn't fake news. It happened east of Francis, Oklahoma, last month. Wheeler shot the two bucks, a 25-pointer and a 34-pointer, in a pecan grove on a friend's property near Francis.

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He shot the 25-pointer first—a buck that later green-scored 206 4/8 inches.

"I was watching two large bucks come into the field from a long way off," Wheeler told the Ada News. "Then the one I shot came from under the stand and headed toward those other bucks."

For most people, a 200-inch, 25-point deer would be the buck of a lifetime. But remembering the 25-point's reaction to the other deer, he utilized a decoy to help him harvest the 202-1/8 inch, 34-pointer just eight days later.

"I never even thought about getting one (that size) and two never even crossed my mind," Wheeler told the Ada News. "It was the first time I've seen bucks that size."

And, Wheeler still isn't done hunting this year, as he's out looking to harvest some does for donation to needy people. Although, he still hopes his wife will take another monster wandering in the same pecan grove.

There have already been some awesome bucks taken around the country this season, but this may be the one deer story that won't be topped! Congratulations on an awesome season, Larry!