Angler Gets Hooked In The Neck While Trying To Catch Bass
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"Oh It's Bad!" Angler Gets Hooked In The Neck While Trying To Catch Bass

You thought you were having a bad day. At least, you didn't get a hook in the back of the neck like this angler did. A day of training for a bass fishing competition turned painful for one fisherman. AJ was out fishing with his buddy Frank when Frank pulled and snatched a little too close on his cast.

Rather than snag a fish, Frank snagged the back of AJ's neck. The angler instantly hit the floor of their boat with AJ holding his neck carefully. The two had a very tense exchange with Frank exclaiming, "Oh it's bad!" Turns out Frank was using a lure with multiple hooks, and two of them pierced the back of AJ's neck.

The angler was concerned that Frank might have nicked one of his arteries in his neck. However, there wasn't that much blood. Still, it proved to be pretty painful.

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Angler Gets Off The Hook

In an update video, Frank revealed that he ended up cutting the line away from the hook. He drove AJ back up to the docks to see an on-location medic. The medic ended up removing the hook without injury. Just a short time later, AJ returned to the docks, no worse for wear. He was sporting a wicked patch across his neck to stop the bleeding. What's more is that he had a 24 pack of beer like a total boss.

The two hit the lake once more, this time without incident. As if to make up for their misfortunes, Frank revealed that the two end up catching a giant bass. The two reeled in the fish, and it's a great moment between fishing buddies. In response to the fishing accident, several people had thoughts.

One commented, "The chill and calmness in this situation is wild." Another wrote, "This mans ability to just keep it cool is the most attractive thing I think I've ever witnessed." Yet another wrote, "I give this man so many props great job staying calm I am sure your homie didn't mean it and appreciates your calmness."