shotgun slugs silver dollars

How to Defend Yourself Against Werewolves: Silver Dollar Shotgun Slugs

In this amusing and slightly cringeworthy installment of "You make it, we shoot it," Jeff of Taofledermaus tries out some very expensive shotgun slugs made out of old silver dollars.

Wait, what?

A gentleman named Jason, who forms silver dollars into rings and sells them, contacted Taofledermaus with an interesting proposition: silver dollar shotgun slugs, "in case you have a werewolf problem."

Jeff and company, of course, could not resist. However, to avoid getting a stern talking-to from some of his more mature viewers, Jeff decided to invite Jason himself out to shoot the silver dollar slugs and avoid catching proverbial flak for shooting this semi-rare historical items out of a shotgun.

So, how did the werewolf slugs perform on the range?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, they were quite accurate, and they even seemed to tolerate the impact well; when the slugs were recovered, they were a bit "beat up," as Jeff mentioned, but largely intact.

Do you have a wacky idea for a shotgun slug? Create one for the next episode of you make it, we shoot it.