Nosler Introduces 115gr 6mm Reduced Drag Factor Bullet

Nosler Introduces 115-Grain 6mm Reduced Drag Factor Bullet

Serious competition shooters will be pleased to hear about the new 6mm Reduced Drag Factor Bullet in 115-grain that Nosler just unveiled.

Just like the name states, the Nosler Reduced Drag Factor (RDF) Bullet is designed for match shooters who want high ballistic coefficient bullets with the flattest trajectory and the least wind drift possible at long range.

Well, shooters who use 6mm cartridges just got some great news when Nosler, Inc announced that a 115-grain 6mm Reduced Drag Factor Bullet is the newest addition to their RDF line.

Designed specifically for use in rifles with a barrel twist rate of 1:7.5" or faster, the new 115-grain Reduced Drag Factor bullet has a ridiculously high BC of .634 (G1). This is a significant improvement over the only previous 6mm RDF option, which was a 105-grain and had a G1 BC of .571.

Like all the other Nosler RDF bullets, the new 6mm bullet incorporates several key design factors that result in a sleek form factor with one of the highest BCs available anywhere for a bullet of that size.

First, the bullet has a long, drag reducing boattail. It also has a compound ogive along with what Nosler advertises as the smallest and most consistent meplats of any hollow point match bullet line, which they claim eliminates the need to trim tips.

Add it all up and you've got a very sleek, accurate, and easy to load hollow point boat tail (HPBT) bullet that's perfect for rifle tournaments, like Precision Rifle Series (PRS) matches.

With the introduction of this bullet, the entire RDF bullet line now includes 70-, 77-, and 85-grain bullets in .22 caliber, 105- and 115-grain bullets in 6mm (.243 caliber), 130- and 140-grain bullets in 6.5 mm (.264 caliber), 185 grain bullets in 7mm (.284 caliber), 168-, 175-, and 210-grain bullets in .30 caliber, and 300-grain bullets in .338 caliber.

Note that Nosler's RDF bullets are designed for long range efficiency during competition rifle matches, not for big game hunting. If you want a good long range hunting bullet, then consider the Nosler AccuBond Long Range Series instead.

But if you want match grade accuracy, flat trajectories, and great resistance to wind drift when using your 6mm Creedmoor to bang steel or punch paper, then check out the Nosler 6mm 115 grain RDF bullet.

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