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Travis Smola

Gear Review: The Extremely Affordable Northside Snohomish Waterproof Hiking Boots

The Northside Snohomish is an extremely affordable hiking boot option.

If you're like us, you love getting out and hiking as much as possible, even in wet conditions. The only problem is finding a pair of waterproof hiking boots that are also durable and affordable. Brands like Columbia, Danner, and more make great boots, but they can really put a hurting on the wallets of hikers on a budget.

Well, we recently got to test the Northside Snohomish which may solve that problem. These boots have many of the features we have come to expect from quality hiking boots at a much more affordable price.

These are our thoughts after several months of testing the Snohomish waterproof hiking boots.


Northside Snohomish

Travis Smola

The boots I tested were the Northside men's version, but they make a women's version too. In any case, these boots feature a suede upper with breathable nylon inserts. It's quality stuff and it handles water and even light snow quite well. I would probably still prefer a winter boot for snow, but this waterproof upper handles it nicely in a pinch. The moisture wicking lining does an excellent job keeping your feet dry. Even during more strenuous hiking.

The treads of this boot are nice and provide some great traction thanks to the molded heel stabilizer on the abrasion resistant rubber outsole. The midsole provides excellent shock absorption. I tested this boots in both the fall and early winter months here in Michigan. As is typical of the Great Lakes State this time of year, I saw both wet and dry conditions which helped put the boots to the test.

Meanwhile, the removable insoles provided the same comfort I've come to expect from Northside's offerings. I should also mention how well the gusseted tongue keeps debris out of these boots. No worries about rocks, pebbles, twigs, and other small items getting into your footwear and affecting the comfort of your hike.

Hiking with the Northside Snohomish

Northside Snohomish

Travis Smola

I've used these boots almost every day for my three-mile morning ruck with a backpack weighted with approximately 30 pounds. This routine has helped me lose nearly 40 pounds since February, and a good pair of boots are a must for a routine like this. I'm consistently impressed with how well Northside's offerings handle the stress of that type of hiking. The cushy insole helps a lot in giving these boots some all-day comfort.

For me, the quality of the lace up closure is a big deal too. I don't like stopping for secure adjustments mid-hike with a heavy pack on. Especially when there's not a place to sit and make those adjustments. Nor do I like boots that are hard to remove at the end of the day when I am tired and sore. Fortunately, the Northside Snohomish are excellent in both regards. I seldom had to retie the laces because of how secure they stayed during my hikes.

Lastly, I just appreciated the protection afforded by these boots. The abrasion resistant toe guard especially does a good job of keeping your digits protected in rocky or rough terrain.

The bottom line.

A quality pair of hiking boots at an affordable price is a hard thing to find. Considering the Northside Snohomish starts at under $60 and can be found for less than $50 during a sale, that's a heck of a deal for a pair of waterproof hiking shoes. If you are on a budget, and looking for a serious pair of footwear, we can heartily recommend the Northside Snohomish.

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