North Dakota Poachers Stab, Suffocate Buck, and Game & Fish Need Your Help Finding Them

Help North Dakota officials find the poachers who did this disgusting act.

We see a lot of poaching stories year after year, but this may be one of the worst ever.

North Dakota Game and Fish is looking for several individuals allegedly involved in an apparent deer poaching.

In a disgusting and graphic seven minute video shot by a bystander, several men pull a whitetail deer that is struggling to swim out of a river. It then appears they stab it multiple times before one man attempts to suffocate it by shoving its face in the dirt. At one point he even bashes its head against the ground.

This is tough to watch. Warning, there is also some language in this video.

This video was shot in Morton County this past fall and was obtained by Chief Game Warden Robert Timian. He believes the incident happened on the north side of the Cannonball River and west of ND Highway 1806 bridge.

While this location is in close proximity to where the Dakota Pipeline Access protests were happening this fall, officials aren't sure at this point if they were involved with those.

If you know any of the people in the video, wildlife officials want to hear from you. Game and Fish can be reached directly at 701-328-6604. Information can also be submitted to North Dakota's anti-poaching hotline at 800-472-2121.

Tips can also be emailed in at [email protected]

Information can be submitted anonymously through the hotline calls. Additionally, Game and Fish's press release state there may be rewards for information that helps lead to a conviction.