North Carolina Man Severely Burned in Yellowstone Hot Spring Incident

Man gets severe burns from a Yellowstone thermal feature.

In one of the first Yellowstone incidents of the season, a man was badly burned by a scalding hot spring on Tuesday.

The Bozeman Daily Chronicle reports 21-year-old Gervais Dylan Gatete of North Carolina was flown out of the West Yellowstone, Montana airport to a hospital for treatment. Details of how exactly Gatete was burned by the spring are still unclear, but fortunately he was with seven other people when the fall happened sometime shortly before midnight in the Lower Geyser Basin area.

The other group members were able to get Gatete into a car and then flag down a park ranger for further help on the park's west entrance road.

The park is currently investigating the incident further. Gatete is definitely lucky to have only suffered burns. Another man was killed last June after going off the boardwalks in the Norris Geyser Basin area and falling into a hot spring.

His body actually was dissolved by the scalding hot waters and was never recovered. It was later revealed he was looking for a place to go "hot potting" (soaking in a hot spring) with his sister.

Yellowstone authorities had their hands full last season with tourist incidents and hot springs. A Chinese man was fined after he was caught collecting water in a jar in the Mammoth Hot Springs area for reasons unknown. Two Canadian men were caught on video trampling on the Grand Prismatic Spring and later pled guilty to leaving the board walks and paid massive fines and restitution.