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Norma Hexagon High Performance Competition Ammo Released

Here are the details on the new Norma Hexagon ammunition, meant to optimize the accuracy of any handgun.

News from the 2019 SHOT Show included an anticipatory announcement from Norma Ammunition and their Hexagon competition ammo.

Featuring a unique hexagonal bullet type, Norma says the six stabilizing grooves and aerodynamic shape help contribute to more accuracy for target shooting in any context

They're considered a match load, and accuracy is standardized at 1 inch at 25 yards.

The new ammo is available in:

  • Hexagon 9mm Luger 124 gr
  • Hexagon 357 Magnum 180 gr
  • Hexagon 45 Auto 200 gr

Norma also claims the rounds are loaded with high performance powders for consistent velocity.

Here are some target groups shown off by Norma on their website, highlighting the maximum accuracy they're able to achieve:

Norma Hexagon

In case you weren't familiar with the name, Norma, GECO, and Swiss P brand ammunition are sold and distributed in the U.S. by RUAG Ammotec USA, Inc. This year's SHOT Show included an overall brand relaunch, with the hopes of Norma and the other brands under RUAG becoming more household names.

Releasing this new Hexagon ammo line is one great way to do it. For a full description and to find out how to get your hands on some, check out



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Norma Hexagon High Performance Competition Ammo Released