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Non-Hunters Attempt Deer Calls in Hilarious Video

Non-hunters should learn a bit about the sport before attempting to use deer calls.

Deer calls can drive even advanced hunters mad.

Am I calling to loud? Are my calls to frequent? Am I rattling in the right way? Is my doe bleat smooth enough? However, despite the struggles real hunters go through, what happens when you put a deer call in a non-hunter’s hand is absolutely hilarious.

Watch non-hunters attempt to figure out deer calls in the video below.

It seems when you think they are about to figure it out, they continue to mess things up even worse. Watching that girl put the antlers on her head and assume they must be for some type of “disguise” was hilarious.

Here is a solid tip for all non-hunters out there. If you find yourself taping deer antlers to your head and running around in the deer woods, you may want to consider getting a hunting mentor. Learn the sport from one of your grandpas old hunting buddies instead of making a fool out of yourself.


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Non-Hunters Attempt Deer Calls in Hilarious Video