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No, the Ice Probably Isn't Ready Yet


Minnesota lakes aren't ready for ice fishing yet. Just ask this guy.

Ice fishing is a great pastime in any state with plentiful fish and thick ice. Much like anything else, though, people tend to get a little too antsy for the season to come.

This hopeful ice fisherman fell through the ice in Isanti County. Luckily the local Sheriff's Office was able to save the day. Take a look at the crew in action.


According to a statement given by the Isanti County Sheriff's Office, someone dialed 911 at 3:45 p.m. Monday, Nov. 27, claiming someone was out on "mud lake" at the intersection of 319th and Xylite. The man was attempting to ice fish and fell through before emergency responders arrived at the scene. Using cold-water rescue suits, the sheriff's office sergeant and Cambridge fire fighters were able to rescue the man, who was roughly 50 feet from the shore. 

Always make sure the ice is plenty thick to avoid a situation like this.

In most instances, 4-inch-thick, clear blue ice is enough to support a person.

Good luck ice fishing this winter and be safe!


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No, the Ice Probably Isn't Ready Yet