Photo via Twitter/Vince Wilfork

Who's Bigger, NFLer Vince Wilfork, or This Redfish he Just Caught?!

NFL football player Vince Wilfork would like you to know that he can catch redfish with the best of them (and the biggest of them!).

Listed at 6'2" and around 325 pounds, Vince Wilfork is a five time pro-bowler and two time Super Bowl champion.

When he's not making NFL quarterbacks run for their lives, he can step out, step back and put redfish in the boat like this one that he posted to his twitter account on July 11, 2017:

The caption read "Hmmmmm... and y'all thought I was just a pro football player"

When I saw the look on his face, there was no doubt in my mind that that slob red just plain gave up.

While it was the only picture posted by the veteran athlete, it was enough to catch our attention. Here's hoping that the next 'donkey' red he puts in the boat will come with some video!

Congrats to big Vince and keep the great pictures coming! Now just tell us where you were fishin' and what you were usin'