Thermacell Radius 2.0

Newest Thermacell Radius 2.0 is 20% Off for Amazon Prime Day

This is some good persuasion to finally try a Thermacell Radius 2.0.

Outdoorsmen should consider Thermacell a household name by now, but they might have stopped paying attention after the handheld, portable repellers hit the market. They worked so well, and stayed quiet and scent-free, that a hunter or angler started bringing it with every time they went afield.

Thermacell never slowed down their innovative approach, leading to the Thermacell Radius Zone Mosquito Repellent, and now the Radius 2.0, which is quite possibly their best product to date. The original Radius runs off a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, doesn't use any on-skin chemicals, and is available for 20% off for a limited time July 15th and 16th as a special Amazon Prime Day offer.

How long does a Thermacell Radius 2.0 last?

The Radius 2.0 operates for 6.5+ hours of battery life on a single charge, and can operate while charging (it takes 5 hours to get a full charge).

I've used the portable repellers often, and will vouch for their ultimate effectiveness. There's never been a DEET-free mosquito repellant I've ever seen work better. My camouflage Thermacell has a permanent residence in my hunting pack, and for good reason.

But there are some minor drawbacks. Namely, the butane fuel cartridges aren't TSA compliant, so if you are planning on taking your Thermacell with you on your air travels, you're either out of luck, or forced to buy new fuel cartridges at your destination (and that's not always easy).

The Radius solved this issue, and the Radius Gen 2.0 improved the design even more with its impressive zone of protection. It covers a 110-square foot area, features a lock for use while you're traveling, and with a 40-hour refill (sold separately), can last longer than any insect repellent product Thermacell has made to date. Recharge with the USB battery charger, and use its single push-button operation for consistent effectiveness.

How does a Thermacell Radius 2.0 work?

The active ingredient in Thermacell is a copy of a natural mosquito repeller found in chrysanthemum flowers, which is about as perfect as you can get. Game animals, especially deer and elk (among some of the best smellers in the hunting world), think nothing of the Thermacell scent.

Any camping trip, hunting excursion, fishing session, or backyard patio hangout is going to be greatly enhanced with the Radius repeller, and now that Gen 2.0 is available for 20% off, it's a no-brainer.