LaGuardia coyote

New York Shuts Down Entire LaGuardia Parking Lot Due to Single Coyote Sighting

This sounds like something that would only happen in New York City. 

For most of us, coyotes aren't anything new. As a matter of fact, they're just a part of everyday life like deer, squirrels or even raccoons. However, for the good people of New York City, dealing with a coyote is just a little out of the ordinary. In a wild story coming out of New York, the U.S. Department of Agriculture closed an entire parking lot of the LaGuardia airport to look for one single coyote.

Just last year, a family of coyotes were caught and euthanized from the general airport area. All of the coyotes were found, except one. This is the Laguardia coyote causing all the problems.

"They shut the whole parking lot down so they could catch it. All of our buses were lined up here, all people trying to get to work all lined up around the block in the cold," Vashisht Maharaj, a parking lot supervisor forced to wait while his parking lot was closed, said in an interview.

Most people who work there feel there is no need to remove the Laguardia coyote. As they say, he doesn't bother anyone.

As this time, the coyote is still on the loose.