New Stabilizers From ATA That You Have to See for Yourself

Every great bow needs great accessories.

When it comes to accessorizing a compound bow, the stabilizer is one of the first things people reach for.

While there are a number of accessories that can improve your bow's performance, stabilizers have the ability to single-handedly make an average bow look sexy.

Stabilizers make a huge impact in terms of balance, and every serious bowhunter should have one. But, when comparing two or more of them, it usually comes down to looks.

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That said, these four stabilizers definitely mastered in the looks department.

Fuse Carbon Torch FX


The Fuse Carbon Torch FX had quite a presentation within the Hoyt Booth, as it was mounted on a rotating Hoyt bow display. This stabilizer features your choice of a carbon or camouflage shaft, as well customizable "Stealth Discs."

With the stabilizer, you get black, red, yellow, pink, navy, purple and orange discs, allowing for a sleek, colorful accent.

This stabilizer comes in 6- or 8-inch options, with the 6-inch weighing only 7.4 ounces.

Octane 7-Inch Hunter


The Octane Hunter has been around for a while, but this thing still looks sweet. Available in both black and Mossy Oak Breakup Country camouflage, this stabilizer will make any bow look tricked out.

Made with aluminum, this setup is ready for some pretty tough conditions, and its piston-dampening technology will help you stay as quiet as possible with each shot.

Trophy Ridge Hitman


Trophy Ridge products seemingly keep getting nicer and nicer. The Hitman is great for the serious bowhunter, as it features a back bar stabilizer to counter the weight of a quiver.

Like the rest of these stabilizers, the Hitman is customizable, coming with blue, green, pink, orange, red and yellow rings.

The full kit comes in 8-, 10- and 12-inch options, but you can buy it without the back bar stabilizer, too.

Bee Stinger Microhex


Bee Stinger showcased the Microhex at ATA last year, but 2019 brought some updates to the hot product.

Once the Microhex started taking off, the folks at Bee Stinger realized they needed to give it more attention. So, they decided to offer a few more colors for bowhunters to match the general color scheme of their bows.

You can now buy the Microhex in tan, brown, forest green and gray.