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New Rhino Blinds May Be the Best Deal in the Ground Blind Market

Check out Rhino Blinds and their new and improved features.

If you haven't come across Rhino Blinds, or even heard of them, you're in luck. We got an in-depth look at a deer hunting from inside one from the folks at Outdoor Option, and man, do they look awesome!

Rhino blinds don't mess around; they're triple-stitched with reinforced with 600 denier polyester and a durable, thick piece of blackout interior coating, which is water- and weather-resistant.

Available in three Mossy Oak camp patterns, as well as Predator Deception, the blinds all come with the same five-hub tension rod design and shape. A fully adjustable 180 degree window helps ensure you'll have a shot from just about anywhere inside.

The floor space of Rhino Blinds measure 60 by 60 inches, with the hub separation at 77 inches. They're 71 inches from floor to their tallest height, making it one of the taller ground blinds anywhere.

All that for a very reasonable price of $279.99, with an overall sneaky-quiet and user-friendly design.

It's worth keeping tabs on Rhino Blinds; we're predicting big things, especially as they expand into the national dealer network.


New Rhino Blinds May Be the Best Deal in the Ground Blind Market