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New MeatEater Fishing Series 'Das Boat' Kicks Off in Texas

MeatEater has officially crossed over into fishing.

Steven Rinella took the world by storm when his popular hunting series "MeatEater" found a spot on Netflix. His network of esteemed hunting colleagues paired with his wealth of hunting knowledge made for a high-quality, informative series.

With Netflix's reach, Rinella has become a household name within the hunting community, only occasionally dabbling in on-screen fishing adventures.

However, with its new YouTube series, "Das Boat," the MeatEater franchise will additionally spotlight fishing for the first time.

Still the host and narrator of the show, Rinella will travel across the country fishing for a wide variety of different fish and fisheries, giving us all the ecological wisdom we yearn for when hearing his voice.

The catch to this show, though, and perhaps what makes it the most intriguing, is the boat he'll be using.

Because this is the first episode, we get a look at the measures Rinella had to take prior to his voyage, and detailed view of the boat itself.

Watch the video below:

As you could see in the intro, Rinella won't only be exploring various unchartered waters, but he'll be trekking each with a different prominent fishing personality.

At his first stop on the Texas Coast, he teams up with fly fishing guide JT Van Zandt to chase redfish with conventional gear.

While Van Zandt is accustomed to using a skiff to fly fish the flats of Aransas Pass near Corpus Christi, Texas, he was able to adjust to the limitations of Das Boat and land at least one nice red.

Rinella's next stop is Austin, Texas, where he'll link up with angler Alvin Dedeaux and chef Jesse Griffiths for some largemouth catch-and-cook fishing.