Is This New Hunting App Really Worth It?

The onX Hunt app continues to improve the way we can view the great outdoors.

Wouldn't we all want access to maps created for hunters, by hunters, that clearly distinguish the available plots of hunting land, and even include information about landowners and other useful tidbits?

That's what the onX Hunt App set out to do, and by all accounts, they're doing it. If you haven't taken the plunge, here are a few legitimate reasons why you're missing out.

No service? No problem

There's always an urge to "get out there and hunt," but it's not as simple as it might seem for a lot of sportsmen and women. If they aren't lucky enough to have land of their own to hunt, how do they go about finding what's available to them?

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OnX Hunt has all 50 states covered, with comprehensive maps that feature boundary lines, landowner contact info, and hundreds of map overlays. The web map can be used to scout from home and is synced with your app, so you can see all your waypoints, tracks, and more on both platforms.

When ya have cellular service you can save your maps, then load them for offline use when you are without cell coverage. All your waypoints and layers you saved will be readily available, along with all three basemaps (aerial, hybrid, and topographic).

There are 985 million acres of public land, and cell service isn't going to reach every corner of that acreage. That's the beauty of onX Hunt; it really does do the work for you, whether or not you're connected.

Tool with many trades

Another great aspect of onX Hunt is its versatility; you can apply many of the same usage to fishing, backpacking, and other outdoor excursions.

The app has features that will indicate how far you are from the nearest road, a great indicator of pressure and potential.The Roadless Layer was created in collaboration with Randy Newberg, and you can see details here.

With onX Hunt in your pocket, you'll know what to expect and can plan a safer, more efficient trip. Or, if you're looking to really get away, you can wander with the reliance that onX Hunt will get you back to where you need to be.

The amazing onX Hunt tracking feature records every step you take with a blue line, leaving a trail of digital bread crumbs for you to follow back where you need to be. You can also drop waypoints along the way, and the newest feature waypoint sharing allows you to send individual waypoints to friends and loved ones for a variety of reasons.

The help we all need

Look, there's plenty of variety in the kinds of hunters that spread across our great country, and their needs and wants are always going to differ. What's clear, though, is there's always a requirement of work involved in hunting, and onX Hunt is making that work easier than ever.

It's also not "finding the deer" or "calling in the turkeys" for you, and can't be leaned on too heavily for all the answers.

But above all, it's an encyclopedia containing the exact information hunters have wanted access to for years, and have never before been able to find it. OnX Hunt has it, and is giving it to us in one easy-to-spot place.

Learn more and get started using the app by visiting their website.