The New Gold Card Permit Could Get You Out of a Background Check

This new gold card could allow you to bypass a background check the next time you purchase a gun.

Most gun buyers know the drill. If you wish to purchase a firearm, you'll be subjected to a federal background check. Even regular gun buyers are required to participate in a background check for each and every firearm purchase. However, there may soon be an option to get out of those background checks for good.

Introducing the Gold Card permit. As of January 2017, concealed carry permit holders in South Dakota can take extra steps to obtain the Gold Card. The enhanced permit, valid for five years, acts as a standard concealed carry permit, but also allows holders to forego criminal background checks when purchasing a firearm. These card holders can simply present their gold card to a licensed dealer and avoid the background check.

Obtaining a Gold Card requires a few additional steps for permit owners. An application fee of $70 will start the process. Applicants are also required to have at least four hours of classroom training and shoot 98 rounds of live ammunition at a certified range. In addition to the training, applicants need to be approved through state and federal law as well as have their fingerprints taken.

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Background check delays can slow the gun-buying process significantly. This legislation would also reduce the quantity of background check requests being filed. In turn, this would likely speed the process for all gun buyers.

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