Browning Introduces 2018 Strike Force Pro XD Trail Camera

Browning's new camera features their Dual Camera Lens Technology.

Browning trail cameras have proven themselves year after year. They continue to withstand the coldest, toughest weather conditions and consistently produce quality images. Browning first caught our eye at the 2018 ATA Show with the Dark Ops Pro XD, which was the first to feature the Dual Camera Lens Technology.

Dual Camera Lens Technology utilizes a custom-tuned daytime camera lens to produce razor-sharp daytime images. At the same time, there's a camera lens that excels in low-light conditions and takes incredibly clear nighttime photos.

The Strike Force is one of Browning's best-selling and user-friendly trail cameras on the market.

If you ask any photographer, when it comes to lenses, it's important to have a quality lens for each situation. Daytime photographs can be taken with lenses that may not have a large aperture. When it comes to nighttime, however, you need a lens that allows more light in. So, Browning took this into account.

With a dedicated nighttime lens, no longer will you run the risk of white-out or blurry images. With a dedicated lens for both daytime and nighttime, you can expect crisp, clear images for both scenarios.

The Strike Force Pro XD also features a 0.15-second trigger speed with an 80-foot motion-detection range. We tested the range and it actually exceeded the 80-foot range and went well into 100 feet. Other features of this camera include the adjustable tree-mount bracket, which allows for vertical compensation, a time-lapse mode and video mode capable of capturing HD video with sound.

The Strike Force Pro XD also has a 1.5-inch color screen, which can be helpful while checking trail cameras on the fly. It only requires six AA batteries and has an exceptionally long battery life.

We look forward to getting the Strike Force XD Pro out during this year's Trail Camera Analysis.

For more information on the Browning Strike Force Pro XD, be sure to visit the Browning Trail Cameras website.

If you're interested in purchasing one, you can find it for $199 via Amazon.

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