Florida State Record Python
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Snake Hunters Battle With New State Record 18.9-Foot Burmese Python in Wild Video

Florida produces yet another state record Burmese Python.

It is no secret that Florida has a severe Burmese python problem. The massive invasive species is a danger to alligators and other forms of native wildlife and a potential threat to humans. This why the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission introduced their popular python elimination program back in 2017.

Now, contracted python hunters regularly head into the swamps to remove these creatures where they are found.

Now, the state record has just been set with an 18.9-foot snake captured by snake hunters Ryan Ausburn, Kevin Pavlidis and Angela Scafuro. The story of the once-in-a-lifetime snake went wildly viral, trending all over social media. Now, footage from the snake hunters of the catch itself is online. It gives a good idea what a hassle the removal of this female snake was for the python action team. Ausburn called this snake a "behemoth," and once you watch the video, you'll understand why!

As you saw here, a snake of this size is nothing but muscle and power. Given the right circumstances, it is not out of the question a python this large could kill a human if it wanted. Just watch the way it wrapped around the guy during that struggle!

CBS 4 Miami reports about 5,000 burmese pythons have been captured in Florida since the program began in 2017. The snake captured by the hunters is officially the largest burmese python ever captured in the Florida Everglades. The exact measurements were 18 feet, 9.25 inches and 104 pounds. This just barely edges out the previous record of 18.8 feet.

"On Friday night, we pulled this BEAST of a snake out of waist-deep water in the middle of the night, deep in the Everglades," Ausburn wrote on social media. "I have never seen a snake anywhere near this size and my hands were shaking as I approached her."

Officials with the FWC were thrilled with news of the new record and shared images of the animal on their Facebook page.

"The removal of this snake is a triumph for our native wildlife and habitats and a great example of the partnership between our two programs working towards the goal of removing nonnative pythons," the post reads. FWC officials also thanked Gov. Ron DeSantis for his leadership on the issue of combating invasive burmese pythons in Florida.

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