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New Personal Defense Ammo From Federal Rolls Out

Federal adds .38 Spl and .380 APC loads to their Hydra-Shok Deep line, plus 10mm and .22LR loads to the Punch line.

It's the season to release new guns, ammo, and shooting gear, and longtime leader Federal Ammunition is taking advantage with some new additions.

Federal Ammunition has introduced four new products in two of its most popular self defense ammunition lines: Hydra-Shok Deep and Punch. Here are all the important specs and details:

New Federal Hydra-Shok Deep Loads: .38 Special +P and .380 Auto

federal hydra-shok deep 38 spl +p

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There are a lot of concealed carry handguns out there chambered in .38 Special and .380 Auto, and a whole lot of people relying on them for self defense in worst case scenarios. Now, they can have the considerable benefits of Federal's Hydra-Shok Deep line of jacketed hollow point (JHP) defensive ammunition in smaller cartridges.

The new.38 Special +P and .380 Auto (.380 ACP) rounds both utilize they Hydra-Shok Deep bullet's center post and compact core design to consistently penetrate beyond the FBI protocol 12-inch minimum through bare gel and through heavy clothing into gelatin without over-penetrating.

The bullets also offer aggressive expansion and will be propelled at ideal velocities by high quality primers and consistent propellant.

The .380 Auto Hydra-Shok Deep, 99-grain rounds have a muzzle velocity of 1,000 fps and come in a 20-round box with an MSRP of $25.99.

The .38 Special +P Hydra-Shok Deep, 130-grain rounds also come in a 20-round box with an MSRP of $31.99.

Federal Punch 10mm Auto

federal punch 10mm auto

Federal has also expanded its Punch line of defensive ammo, now available in two new calibers at opposite ends of the self defense spectrum.

First up, the new Punch 10mm Auto loads are the newest edition to the Punch centerfire handgun line. They're topped with a 200-grain bullet that's let go at 1,100 fps, which Federal says allows the skived bullet jacket and soft lead core to produce the best expansion and penetration it its class.

Like other Punch offerings, the cases are nickel-plated brass and they're loaded with a sealed primer for reliable feeding and ignition.

The new Punch 10mm Auto, 200-grain hollow point rounds will be available in a 20-count box with an MSRP of $30.99.

Federal 22LR Punch Self Defense Ammo

federal punch 22lr

Also new for 2021 are Federal's Punch 22 LR loads. People who rely on a .22 LR as a primary carry gun or as a backup self defense gun have to get every bit of power out of the diminutive rimfire rounds as they can. The new Punch ammo is a new kind of rimfire ammunition with 29-grain nickel-plated lead-core bullet design that can be pushed to maximum velocities for the deepest penetration possible when fired from short-barreled handguns for personal defense.

Federal has clocked the muzzle velocity of the Punch 22LR at 1,070 fps through a 2-inch handgun barrel and at 1,650 fps from a 24-inch rifle barrel.

The 22LR Punch Personal Defense, 29-grain rounds will be available in a 50-count box with an MSRP of $9.99.

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