watershed highland rifle pack

Need a Waterproof Pack? We Review the All-New Watershed Highland Rifle Pack

An exciting new waterproof pack for your rifle is now on the market.

The all new Watershed Highland Rifle Pack was sent out to me to review. Here's what I found.

Released at Shot Show back in January, this waterproof rifle pack is patterned after the M4/M60 pack that Watershed LLC makes for our Navy Seals. It is the recreational version that is perfect for the hunter's long gun in wet conditions afield or on the water and is fully submersible. It also will pack anything else that will fit to keep it from getting wet.


Ever since I was a kid, I wandered the isles at Army Navy stores, flea markets, gun shows and retail outdoor stores looking for tough packs for my gear. A tough waterproof bag big enough to pack a rifle or shotgun in with backpack straps was a dream I could never find. Well, Watershed LLC is now releasing one on the market.


Dimensions of this waterproof backpack is 10.5" wide on the bottom, 15.5" wide at the top with a full length of 49" long. A long gun or any other item 40" or under would fit very well in this pack. Also any disassembled longer guns would be quite at home safe and dry. That length will also give you plenty of room to roll down the top after sealed. Also there are plenty of tie downs and accessory straps to allow the user many options.


The Watershed Highland Rifle Pack has a really tough and fully waterproof ZipDry closure similar in a way to a ziplock bag but much stronger. The proper way to open this strong seal is to cup your hands together with your thumbs in the grip tabs. Now move one hand forward away from you and the other toward you. This causes a "S" shaped kink that pops the seal open. After a couple times trying it opening the seal is a breeze. Sealing it is just like a ziplock style bag but leave a little corner open and bleed out excess air if needed before you seal the full length. It is that easy.


Well, now comes the test you have all been waiting for. Is the Watershed Highland Rifle Pack truly 100% waterproof? I have tested many products that never lived up to the hype. Holding under water for 10 minutes usually causes many products to fail. Well the Watershed Highland Rifle Pack was put to the test. Once in the water submerged to a depth of 2 feet for 10 minutes there were no air bubbles escaping. The over sized hunting jacket I placed inside of the pack as the test subject was completely dry. 


Well, I am thoroughly impressed with the Watershed Highland Rifle Pack. It will not only shed rain, but if you find yourself swimming across a river with your prized rifle or shotgun, this tough pack will keep the contents dry. What is really nice is the Watershed Highland Rifle Pack does not scream gun case. Also for a kayaking trip or any boating adventure there is plenty of room for extra clothes or anything else you want to keep bone dry. The fabric is remarkably tough and the stitching appears bombproof. The buckles and webbing are tough also and the backpack straps are remarkably soft yet hold the pack very well. The thinner diameter of this pack also keeps out of the way when you are climbing, running or other active task. It is also made here in the good ole U.S.A.!

Maintenance of the Watershed Highland Rifle Pack is quite easy by just letting it dry out and occasionally apply 303 Aerospace Protectant to the ZipDry closure. Now that is simple enough.

I can honestly say I would carry the Watershed Highland Rifle Pack on any of my wet weather or water adventures. It may be a long gun case but it also has so many other capabilities when the hunting seasons are closed. This tough 100% waterproof pack gets it done extremely well. Be sure to check out Watershed LLC at their website to see all of their exciting waterproof gear.