George Hill
Instagram / George Hill

NBA Player George Hill is a Hunter and Not Afraid to Show It

As you are about to see, George Hill does not tread lightly when it comes to his hunting rights. 

These days, it seems everywhere you look, somebody is spewing nonsense about hunters. Many celebrities and athletes hunt recreationally as time permits, but in most cases they keep it to themselves in fear of retribution. However, with George Hill, he recently went on a hunt in Texas and shared it on his Instagram page. As you can guess, the backlash was quick and sudden.

For George Hill though, that didn't stop him from sharing what he thought about all the people out there tearing him down for being a hunter. If you scroll through the comments of his post, you'll see what I mean. However, below is a little taste.

"I honestly don't care what you people on here talking about I'm sure a lot of you eat meat so shut the f**k up!!! Yes I like Hunting Yes i like Fishing !!!! Get over it if you don't like it simply unfollow me I could care less!!! I'm human just like all of you !!!! On a better note God Bless"

It didn't stop there though. Hill also posted a small video of an aerial hog hunt with the same sort of backlash.

Despite what many commenters said about him, he did come back and comment that he was processing all the meat and keeping it.

Thank you, George, for being who you are and not being afraid to show it.