National Parks in Texas and Other Notable Monuments, Seashores, and Rec Areas

You'll be surprised by how diverse Texas's public lands are.

Texas is a wide expanse of land, rich with American history and natural beauty. It offers incredible environments from the unique mountain and desert ecosystems of west Texas to the subtropical habitat near Austin. Some of this is showcased in federally protected, publicly accessible parks, recreation areas, and seashores.

These sites, which include hiking trails, fishing, hunting, guided tours, campgrounds, horseback riding, kayaking and float trips, boating, history lessons, and much more have been utilized for everyone to enjoy.

Indeed, there's a lot to see and do in the Lonestar State. A good place to start: These 16 gems, including the two official national parks in Texas, as well as national recreation areas, monuments, preserves, historical sites, and historic trails for visitors to explore.

The National Parks of Texas

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