Nassau Grouper
YouTube: BlacktipH

Angler Lands Big Nassau Grouper and Triggerfish Shore Fishing

One of the more exciting aspects of fishing is the prospect of catching a new and exotic species you've never tangled with before. It's part of the reason we keep returning to this planet's lakes and oceans again and again. Because you just never know what you might catch on that next cast. That's part of what makes an international fishing trip so exciting.

In today's video YouTuber Josh Jorgensen, aka: BlacktipH, is fishing in the Bahamas on San Salvador Island. He's teamed up with a buddy to scout out some good-looking shore fishing spots on Google Maps. The areas turn out to be loaded with fish like they were expecting, although the cliffs are a little higher than they anticipated.

That doesn't stop them from fishing. First, Josh catches a nice Nassau grouper. Then, a little later in the day, he hooks into a huge triggerfish with teeth you need to see to believe.

Talk about a great day on the water! Josh managed to land that big aggressive grouper on fishing line that was only ten-pound test. The Nassau grouper isn't as large as some of the other grouper species out there. It reaches around 50 at the heaviest. Still, that's an impressive fish to catch from the shore!

If that wasn't enough, the triggerfish was an equally cool catch. Those fish have some incredibly wicked teeth, some of which almost look human in nature. It just goes to show the excellent variety of fish that can be caught off reefs in the Bahamas.

To us, this is the ideal kind of fishing trip: a DIY-style approach where they only got to experience some great fishing, they also got the chance to explore and see some of the island while they were at it. It doesn't get much better than that.

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