NASCAR is rolling back tire regulations.

NASCAR Rolls Back Tire Regulations

NASCAR has issued a new rule, stating that Monster Energy cup teams no longer have to start races using pre-qualification tires.

Starting with the Coca-Cola 600, which saw Toyota claim the top three finishes, all teams will now be signed four sets of tires on all tracks minus Daytona and Talladega for practice and qualifying in NASCAR.

The new rule in racing tires is intended to even the playing field, with the past setup allowing teams to use fresh tires after failing pre-qualifying, which could have been considered an advantage.

More Where That Came From

Another rule change by NASCAR now prevents teams from using any equipment that cannot be considered "traditional battery-powered equipment" on the pit, with special cases handled on a case-by-case basis by the managing director. This rule was triggered by Furniture Row Racing's use of a manual saw to repair a vehicle.

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