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5 Muskie Fishing Destinations That Will Make 10,000 Casts Count

Muskie fishing in North America just gets better and better. Here are five of the best muskie fishing destinations to consider visiting.

We're lucky to live in a region that is so utterly blessed with good muskie fishing. The best muskie waters are right here in North America, and while there are a lot of them, these five continue to top every list that shows up.

Sure, some of these have a common border with Canada, but that just makes it all the more fun to see who can catch the biggest and the most. In fact, muskie anglers from both sides of the fence routinely practice catch and release fishing as a rule, making these muskellunge fisheries even better.

Since it's never a bad time to talk about muskie fishing, let's start off by looking at what the best muskie waters have in common, and then list five of them that not only get a lot of attention, but make fishing for this huge freshwater predator so much fun.

What Makes a Good Muskellunge Fishery?

A common gauge of quality muskie waters begs the question: How many muskies are there, and how often do anglers catch them? The truth is that there are many good biological reasons why a body of water makes for a good muskellunge fishery, among them good genetics, great forage, and plenty of space to survive and thrive.

Big muskies have to outcompete other species such as northern pike, lake trout, and walleye, and they also have to battle with each other. Good muskellunge waters are best known for providing the most consistent angling action, and they have the potential to produce some big fish as well.

While these waters may have self-sustaining muskie populations through natural reproduction, it isn't out of the question for regional biologists to supplement these populations through stocking efforts. Not only that, but a naturally diverse forage base is what really makes a good water body grow muskies to their full potential.

If fantastic muskie fishing trips occupy your dreams, these are the places to zoom in on.

Lake Vermilion

This Minnesota lake is stocked to the gills with muskellunge that not only grow long, but get bulky. It offers anglers a wide variety of classic muskie cover to fish while doing so with a beautifully scenic backdrop. Trolling, sight fishing, and big topwater baits usually rule the day.

With trophy muskie potential throughout the lake, you'll never even know that the fishing pressure can get a bit strained. But once you hook up, you will forget all about it.

Lake St. Clair

Lake St. Clair is one of the most interesting lakes in the country, simply based on its geographic location. The fact is that it's one of the best muskie fisheries out there.

It lies in Michigan, but it shares its border with Ontario, Canada. It is fairly close to Detroit, which might make you wonder how a lake so close to a metro area could be such a good muskie spot, but it is one of the best naturally-producing muskie waters in North America.

Mille Lacs

This Minnesota lake has a history of ups and downs, but a solid population of old-growth monsters in 50-inch size category still remain. Maybe one of the best things is that, comparatively speaking, it doesn't get the same pressure as other popular lakes.

It wasn't all that long ago that biologists on the lake electro-fished a monster that measured 61.5 inches, which is longer than the current world record.

Lake of the Woods

By carefully practicing catch and release methodology, guides and everyday anglers on Lake of the Woods have created a world class muskie fishery that regularly produces fish in the 50-inch range. It just so happens to have a plethora of great accommodations that surround a lake, which is replete with muskie cover. Ice fishing for these monsters is a popular wintertime activity.

St. Lawrence River

This river, which travels through Ontario and Quebec as well as New York and connects the Great Lakes with the Atlantic, is the stuff of legend when it comes to muskie fishing. The massive forage base it what makes this destination such a muskie-rich environment. Maybe the biggest issue that you will face in trying to latch into fish that can reach 60 inches and 60 pounds is that their natural food is so plentiful, making them a bit finicky.

But have no worries, veteran St. Lawrence River muskie fishing guide services know their stuff and can put you on fish when the chips are down. 

Muskie Bonanza

There are other great muskie fishing locations to try, and many are in the same states as those waters listed here. 

The amount of muskie fishing techniques, tips, and secrets could fill volumes, but none of it matters until you get yourself to one of these great muskie fishing locations.

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