muscular mountain goat
Twitter: Oddly Terrifying

Muscular Mountain Goat Graces Camera Footage, Social Media

Of all the creatures that call North America home, very few have the fortitude of a mountain goat. Largely considered one of the hardest game animals to hunt due to their preference for high altitudes, brutal terrain, and lethal climates, their allure is most often a product of their resolve and the challenge they present any ambitious hunter. However, few hunters possess the determination required to go get one, as there simply aren't many people even capable of climbing high enough to take an ethical shot, much less go retrieve one once it's actually down.

With such a rigorous daily routine, climbing up the steepest slopes and maintaining perfect balance on the narrowest rocks with snow and wind blasting them in the face, it's only natural to assume these animals are physical specimens. Some of the most physically gifted humans would struggle to maintain the kind of workout routine required of mountain goats to survive. And, those unfamiliar with their anatomy would likely picture an animal with mythical features seen only in fantasy movies, and find themselves scratching their heads to see a goat with relatively straight legs and hooves to walk on.

While the average mountain goat does in fact defy the eye test, one especially impressive billy caught some camera time in a video recently posted to Twitter and has sent the Internet into a frenzy.

Watch the video below:

If you're one of the few exceptionally conditioned hunters who has seen his or her fair share of mountain goats in the backcountry, it's possible you've actually seen a billy like this before. People don't often see mountain goats due to their isolated nature, but that shouldn't take away from the respect this particular brute commands.

As hard as it is to hunt these, you could only imagine how a big-game hunter would react after laying eyes on a billy quite this striking.